Monday, July 6, 2009

Divine Kingship

The Pharaohs of Egypt believed that they were
descendants of the gods. They were considered
immortal and almost invincible by their people.

Discovered tombs contain outlandish claims of
their prowess, such as the following about
Ramses II: "He drove his chariot single-handily
into the enemy and slew thousands with his bow!"

Sure he did! (Where did he keep all those arrows?)

Consider now why Pharaoh said to Moses, "Who is
your God that I should listen to Him?"

Now you will understand why God said what he did
in Exodus 7:1. He declared that he was going to
make Moses a god.

What he meant was that he was going to make Moses
to appear AS a God before Pharaoh. Each time
that a miracle was performed, you will find that
Moses commanded Aaron to perform it.

So, it appeared to Pharaoh that Moses was a god
like him and Aaron was his prophet.

Pharaoh did the same thing. When Moses commanded
Aaron to turn his rod into a snake, Pharaoh commanded
his magicians to do the same thing.

Only one problem. Aaron's snake consumed all of
the others.

There is only one King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

His name is Jesus!

God Has No Match

No other God (if there were such a thing) can match
our God!

Elijah had a contest with the prophets of Baal to
prove this very thing.

He allowed them to worship Baal all day without the
slightest result. In fact, he got in a few digs
along the way.

Afterward, he repaired the altar, dug trenches, and
caused 12 barrels of water to be poured over it
before he prayed.

Fire fell, consuming everything, even lapping up the

Interesting when you consider the fact that water was
the element that Baal was supposed to control. He
was known as "The Lord of the rain and the dew".

Baal was no match for Jehovah God! Whatever your
situation is today, it's no match for your God!

No matter how big the giant that is in front of
you, it is not match for your God!

God is greater!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Sin cannot cure itself.

Sin needs redemption. Sin
needs a redeemer.

The lady with the issue of
blood tried everything the
world could offer with no

Her only cure was Jesus.

Our only cure is Jesus.

Not matter how hard we try,
or what we try, we will never
overcome sin on our own.

Like a drowning man we cannot
save ourselves.

We need a saviour.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Romans 10

The Baptists are right. All you have
to do to be saved is believe.

Anyone can do it. "Whosoever will" can
be saved.

In other words, there are no other
requirements. You do not have to
"ascend into heaven" or "descend into
the deep".

The whole point of Romans 10 is not
to define salvation but to define who
is eligible for salvation. "The Lord
is rich unto all who call upon him."

Paul was just reminding the Church in
Rome that Jesus didn't discriminate
based on race. The kingdom of God is
open to all.

The Baptists are also wrong. The reason
they are wrong is because they are
using Romans to define salvation.

Clearly, Jesus declares the believing
is followed by baptism. (Mark 16:16)

Baptism is followed by receiving the
Holy Ghost. (Acts 2, 10, 19)

The question remains; What does it really
mean to "believe"?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The oil flowed down Aaron's head and
beard to the rest of his body.

The oil represents the anointing of

Anointing, like oil, always flows down,
carrying with it the flavor over that which
it has already passed.

The anointing in the ministry flows
down from those in leadership to those

What flavor are you passing on to those
who receive their anointing from you?

This is a sober reminder that those in
leadership hold a sacred responsibility
to maintain the highest of standards so
that those beneath them will receive the
purest anointing possible.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Discouragement is not a product
of circumstances.

It's a condition of the mind.

David encouraged himself despite
vile circumstances.

If you are discouraged, a change
of scenery is not what you need,
but rather a change of mind.

We can be discouraged anywhere.

We can also be encouraged anywhere.

It's your choice.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Distant Disciple

Peter was a distant disciple.

He followed from afar.

Just a few moments before, he
had declared himself ready to
follow Jesus all the way to

Just hollow words.

Before the break of day, he
found himself denying Jesus
three times.

Don't get too involved Peter,
you might get hurt.

Don't get too loyal Peter,
you might get branded.

Don't get too concerned Peter,
you might get crucified.

We need more people like this.
People who don't muddy the water,
who know how to keep religion in
it's place.

People who reek with mediocrity.
People who know how to keep their

Distant Disciples.

America has made the transition
from a Christian nation to just
a nation of citizens because of
people like this.

What we need is a place of
repentance like the one Peter

Wake Up, America! Repent before
it is too late!

Peter wept bitterly.

He went from a distant disciple
to a dynamic disciple in one
prayer meeting.

He ignited the early church on
the Day of Pentecost with his
Holy Ghost message and thousands
were baptized.

If it can happen for him it can
happen for anyone.

Won't you wake up today? Won't you
make the transition today?

Hey, just to let you know. Sin
always requires you to give up
more than God does!